Image from Season of Shadows (In Real Life) performance at Chocolaterian Cafe on Nov 10, 2017. Portrait by Duke Virginia.

Borealis is a social artist, writer, and educator whose practice is rooted in the queer art of care.  Their artwork is performative and participatory. They are excited by relationships, conversation, and closeness as media. Borealis is currently in the research and early production phases of a new social project; this gay af heterotopia aims to build the intimacy, trust, and collective power needed to imagine, rehearse, and embody future-building politics—and play—among queer people. (Shh! This project is top secret. Don’t tell anybody.)

Beau received a Bachelor of Science in Art and undergraduate certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012; they went on to receive a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy from Portland State University with a graduate emphasis in community-based learning in 2014. They taught Art + Social Justice and Service-Learning in Art as a lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Madison. They taught at Preschool of the Arts and Monroe Street Arts Center before co-founding ArtWrite Collective, which merged with Arts + Literature Laboratory in 2018. Borealis currently serves as the Education & Outreach Director at Arts + Literature Laboratory, which they view as an extension of their social practice and an outlet to advocate for peer artists.

Contact Borealis: mxborealis [at] gmail.com (pronouns: they/them/beau/bo)