The Mirror Portraits Project was a temporary public art exhibition where teens and artists drew their self portraits with dry erase marker on public mirrors, leaving short poems and stories to live alongside them. Mirror Portraits were installed as a BLINK project of the Madison Arts Commission on August 12th and 13th, 2015 with additional support from Madison Public Library’s BUBBLER and the ArtWrite Collective.

Self portraits and the accompanying stories were intended to offer a glimpse into the lives of our neighbors. For LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color, immigrants, and women, displacement is a persistent experience. Because our community has averted its collective gaze long enough, particular experiences and people are either made invisible or are subject to over exposure on a regular basis. In the mirrors project, participating artists had control of their image, their narrative, and the stories they chose to share with strangers. While more than a few artist-participants shared their experiences with housing insecurity or homelessness, this crew of artists came to the project with vastly different life stories and motivations for participating. How might seeing your own reflection in the work have implicated you in our stories?

Artists who participated alongside me:

Tawania Alston


Sisa Poemape

Marcelle Richards

Karena Ware

Sofia Ware

IMG_8740 IMG_8752 IMG_7183IMG_8775IMG_7155 IMG_8781 IMG_8784
IMG_7207IMG_8790 IMG_8800

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