beau x works

beau x works is a project by Borealis and their live-in studio-mates, whose apartment has been overrun by brewery grain bags, their neighbors’ de-stashing, and the kind of pandemic-induced dread that moves a group of people to be in community with one another.

We care about sustainability. Each item in the beau x works shop is handmade in Madison, Wisconsin and carries the markings of objects with history. We repurpose secondhand materials donated from local businesses and friends to create these projects, intentionally supplementing with sustainably sourced materials. You will notice variation in the kinds of objects rotating through this site + lots of evidence of the maker’s hand.

We believe in mutual aid. As long as secondhand materials continue to be donated to this project + the artists’ basic needs are covered, proceeds will benefit the organizers, individuals, and causes that we care about. See the shop’s home page for the current state of affairs regarding donations made out of this studio. (Items still listed on Etsy also benefit the org/organizer of the month.)

This is a social project. The real media of this project are people and our relationships. This work would not be possible without each other.

beau x works is a work in progress. Email for more information.