Nov 27 – Dec 2, 2017 / closing reception Dec 2 6-9pm: FORESHADOW was an installation at Everyday Gay Holiday (2088 Atwood Ave) in the front window display, where a fern rested on a mound of dirt coated in glitter. Body scans were displayed behind the mound, dirt trickling through the table to the velour-covered floor below. A mirror-faced clock watched over.

We’ve wondered what we can divine and what we can do about it, what grows under pressure and how a body copes with waiting. Tarot readings (during reception) by TK Morton, coordination support from Kim Charles Kay, imagery provided by Borealis, installation support from Kim, Kimber, Taylor, Blue, and Draco.

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Photo courtesy of Everyday Gay Holiday
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Declan and Blue help install the mound!
Evening reflection in FORESHADOW
Daylight view of the sinking installation from inside Everyday; the mound became hollowed out by the end of the week—like a spinal column of nothing—but held most of its shell. Some dirt and glitter cascaded in small avalanches down its side, and the fern resting on top was dead.