Toast (2016) – multi-channel video with audio, 6 minute 9 second loop

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

Toast, on view at the Arts + Literature Laboratory from April 1 through April 23, 2016, was an installation and video-based work reconciling the tension between private confrontations and public spectacles, contemplating both what people do spontaneously and what people perform consciously. Toast was the result of a lifetime of intimate confrontations and one sweet night of filming with community members—these community members performed a discomfiting script of Beau’s memories for the camera, and a curated selection of those performances were screened during the exhibition. Borealis took up residence at the gallery during the exhibition to investigate accountability, celebrate queer identity and cleanse the palate with the help of gallery-goers.

Read Toast, the queer little book documenting the project, here. Contact Borealis to purchase a hard copy.

Production collaboration and documentation by Midwest Story Lab.