Queer Shadows

Oct 27, 2017: Queer Shadows was an interactive project and the theme of Queer Pressure’s Halloween Party at North Street Cabaret in Madison, WI. Coordination support and graphics by Sarah Akawa, photography by Duke Virginia and Aida Ebrahimi, and performance by numerous guests. The artists set up a small “dressing area” with costumes available for guests to get ready for the party, which was made up of articles made during three separate costume making sessions earlier in the month. Later, the organizers invited guests to have their portraits taken in front of spooky projections, which featured costumes made from our dressing room and guests’ own creations.

The organizing artists were interested in what it means and feels like to get ready to go out in a safe space, among friends, and how it feels to do it on a night when queer expression is especially celebrated. Who are you when you get to be anybody you want to be? How do we use adornment as a way to share information, experiment, or find pleasure?

Setting the Stage and Getting Dressed Up :

Photos by Aida Ebrahimi






Portraits : Photos by Duke Virginia